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Jesus! lifes a funny thing, you get fucked over by someone who's meant to be a mate, so badly you never talk to them again and then 15 years later your reading the Top 100 most power women in Britain list an guess who's there!. SHEEEESH!
Been workin in the games industry and freelance for about 20 years and considering 90% of jobs are based on a verbal contract I've never actually been stiffed, A remarkable testament to the Moral fortitude and honesty of most people, that record is unblemished,,,,, untill now.

   A kid from deviant art asked me to do a tattoo design for him based on his idea, I charged him a paltry fee, a quarter of what I usually ask cos he's just a teenager, he loved it, loved it so much he's had it etched permanently on his skin, cost him $500 at the tattooists, I however am apparently beneath paying, yes! somebody can respect you're work yet disrespect the person who did that work.

   He has had the decency to tell me excuses, ridiculous excuses, my grandfather had a heart attack, my identities been stolen and my accounts shut down, my dog ate my homework ( the last ones an embellishment for comedy effect), childlike but at least he had the shame to make them up.

Never work with children and animals!.
Spent the last hour watching video's on Youtube about  the first game i did, Wolverine Adamantium Rage, Everybody was slagging it off, all quoting the mind numbing hard gameplay, I have to agree with them, thankfully most said the graphics are good. makes me wish maybe I'd taken a bit more notice of what people around me were doing rather than keeping my head down and hoping I didn't F it up, that's something to remember for the future.
Well, I'm creeping up on the big 5000 views, slowly, very slowly but surely, I've noticed people tend to do a new pic to celebrate, Well I thought it'd be interesting if I did a pic ( ay request)for the 5000th viewer of my humble page, If you've visited my page and the counter says 5000 ( dead on) drop me a comment on the page and I'll do you a pic, Nothing gross or sexually questionable......
Just seen Iron Man 2, Ok, bit meandering, the 1 and a half hour wait in a steaming hot un airconditioned cinema got me in a right mood though
Bugger, my Wacom nibs worn down to nothing and I've no replacement, there's not even enough of it to actually grip and pull out!
Just bought another printer cartridge, It still fells like being smacked in the mouth every time I pay for one, the actual printer only cost a little more than the cartridges.